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Competition in the business world is a reality that everyone needs to address with the right strategy. And when it comes to visibility, we have the best answer for you. Get industry-quality Altadena digital signs from a leading signage company, Los Angeles Sign Company

custom pylon signDigital signage with programmable software offers a unique feature: they enable users to immediately change their content whenever they want, saving time, energy, and financial resources. Not to mention, they are incredibly attractive!

Using only the best materials in the market, our experts at Los Angeles Sign Company can guarantee you will receive the best quality Altadena digital signs that the signage industry can provide.

Depending on your taste or business needs, you can get them in any color scheme, size, design, and other specifications. They can either be standalone signs or installed on surfaces like walls, ceilings, or even other signs, such as monument signs and pylon signs. Use them for indoor and outdoor use, and you won’t regret investing in them!

Are you worried about electric energy consumption? Don’t! Our LED technology allows lighted products like digital signs to stay open for a long time without sucking too much electricity costs.

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

When it comes to increasing the visual quality of a business building, digital signs have an advantage over traditional signage.

custom digital electronic signFirst, the graphics, texts, images, and logos they can display are highly attractive with their high-resolution screens. Second, it is a massive advantage for any business to have a sign they can easily modify to change its message.

What’s more impressive about these digital signs is that they also have variations that allow users to play videos–a huge upgrade from the regular text and image display. The opportunities that come with using videos are endless. You can display company trailers, videos about new products, entertaining commercials, and so much more! The impact you can make with digital sign videos is massive compared to static texts and images from traditional signage.

If you are interested in this amazing product, just tell us the information we need, such as your budget, creative preferences, branding guidelines, business type, and the like. You’ll get no less than industry-quality Altadena digital signs perfect for what your business needs.

Outdoor Digital Displays

If you’re going to set up outdoor signs, they need to be highly visible, attention-grabbing, and durable.

lighted digital message center pole signDigital signs vary in screen size. There are small units, and there are full-sized ones that can be seen from kilometers away. Whatever you need for your business, these signs will be able to effectively communicate important information about your business, such as your products, product costs, and operating hours.

Once you see what our LED-powered digital displays look like, you will understand why we recommend them to clients who want to outshine their competitors. They are also very advantageous because they can continuously last all day without incurring much electricity costs.

What’s more amazing is that because of the effectiveness of digital signs in communicating information, commercial businesses are not the only ones that use them. Institutions like transportation establishments, weather forecasters, and city maps also use them to share information over a wide area vividly.

Indoor Digital Displays

For indoor usage, the effect of digital displays is also undeniable. They can make any commercial space look a lot more appealing.

custom digital menu boardThey show that your business is dedicated to improving the customer experience and that you want to communicate easily with your target audience. It can even make any business more appealing to younger people since they have been used to screen-based tools from childhood.

The most common ways of using digital signs indoors are through items like restaurant menu boards, point-of-purchase displays for retail stores, and digital posters for many establishments. But they don’t always have to be sales oriented. You can also use them to be creative in information dissemination for customers and employees. Examples include wayfinding signs, motivational displays, safety warnings, exit and entrance signs, directories, or just plain decoration.

Don’t be shy to tell us about any creative ideas you have for your indoor signs. We are here to help you get the best Altadena digital signs you need, no matter how unique you want them to be.

Full-Service Sign Company

Los Angeles Sign Company offers every service related to signage. Everything we do is done with elite professionalism and craftsmanship, from designing your images and manufacturing your signs to installing and repairing them when the need arises.

custom lighted digital message board pole signApart from our high-quality Altadena digital signs, we can produce virtually any sign type for our clients. Every product we make is quality controlled to ensure they are at their peak durability and quality. So whether you order illuminated or regular signs, they will be in the best condition allowed by our current technology and manufacturing methods.

Here are some signs our customers commonly customize with electronic lighting.

  1. Channel letters
  2. Dimensional letters
  3. Monument signs
  4. Pylon signs
  5. Electronic message centers
  6. Lighted signs

Different businesses have different needs, preferences, and goals. Notable as well is the different budget levels that they have. So don’t worry if you think your request is too unique or your budget might not be enough for what you want to pull off. We will do everything we can with all our expertise, experience, and resources to make sure you get the best Altadena digital signs that your business needs to exponentially improve in revenue, customer satisfaction, and overall visual quality.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Altadena Digital Signs & Message Centers boston logo 300x42There are perhaps only a few better ways to attract and engage your customers to your business than Los Angeles Sign Company’s highly recommended digital signs. Get the best at our Altadena, CA sign company. We have earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients. We know we can get yours too!

Give us a call so we can give you an idea of how we do our work to ensure that our products are of good quality, design, and durability. From our initial consultation and design brainstorming to our manufacturing and installation phases, you will see that our experts work with extreme dedication and professionalism.

We are ready to work with you no matter what budget you have, what kind of business you run, or what types of signage you require from us.

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