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Universal City Monument Signs

If you’re aiming for impactful marketing capacity for your business, having highly attractive storefront signage is one way. And one of the best outdoor signs is a classic, highly durable monument sign. These pillars are made to stand out and be seen in any given space, giving you an excellent opportunity to increase customer traffic and revenue.

custom foam monument sign

Los Angeles Sign Company is a top-notch signage company that delivers high-quality signs and graphics with elite professionalism and workmanship. We are capable of signage design, manufacturing, and installation,, no matter our clients’ budget, design preferences, branding guidelines, or business goals.

Rest assured that we will use only the best raw materials from highly trusted suppliers, whether your monument sign will be made of metal, stone, brick, or even cement. We will make them in such a way that your brand is well-represented and that they establish your business’s presence in your location like a strong landmark.

Are you running an institution, or is your business located in a multi-tenant park? Get the supreme-quality Universal City monument signs in the industry only at Los Angeles Sign Company!

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An Impressive Entrance

The first impression of a business no doubt has an impact on the volume of its customers. If they see an establishment and are not satisfied with the way it looks, they might instead look for another business that perhaps looks more professional, high-quality, or dedicated to their product or service.

custom monument signOur typical goal for our monument signs is to make them as appealing and attention-grabbing as possible. Whether you choose aluminum, concrete, marble, brick, or stone as the foundational material of your monument sign, rest assured that we will strategize its look and design to make passersby look at least twice at your business.

We recommend etching names and details onto the sign itself for establishments like hospitals and universities that need a classic, sophisticated look. On the other hand, we have high-tech digital message centers that can display any image with an LED screen for businesses looking for a more modern aesthetic.

We can install LED-powered lighting if you need your monument signs to last till night.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

One of the most common client types we have when it comes to monument signs is multi-tenant business areas.

Tenant Monument SignA typical option is to place them at a nearby roadside. The business names and logos will be listed from top to bottom of the monument sign so even businesses located in the innermost part of the building can be exposed outside.

Malls, office buildings, and industrial parks are just some multi-tenant establishments that typically use monument signs for publicity. Many of them would include electronic lighting for 24/7 visibility because the typical case is that there are nighttime-oriented businesses in the lineup.

If you’re looking for a powerful upgrade, you can also ask us to place digital displays on your Universal City monument signs so you can use animations and videos to spread your brand!

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Custom Monument Sign

Monument signs are made with the toughest materials available in the market, so they are known to be more expensive than other sign types. However, we can assure you that with Los Angeles Sign Company, your monument sign will be well worth it! They will last much longer than most parts of your building.

Rest assured that our Universal City monument signs are high-quality and highly durable, yet they will be at the most reasonable price as our market allows.

Don’t worry if you have a limited budget. Just tell us your desired design preferences, size, material, and other specifications, and we will find the best solutions. We will propose the project and, upon your approval, will immediately begin building your sign.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Universal City Monument Signs boston logo 300x42Significantly improve your business’s marketability and visibility through long-lasting and eye-catching Universal City monument signs from leading signage company, Los Angeles Sign Company. Make your business a well-recognized landmark with the sign we’ll make for you, whether it’s a classic and formal-looking stone pillar or a modern tool installed with digital technology.

If you’re looking for more information on how we can help your business achieve its publicity and marketing goals, our Universal City, CA sign company will be happy to show you previous examples of successful products so you can trust our services!

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