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Santa Monica LED Signs

One of the most coveted sign types, especially for businesses like restaurants, clubs, and theaters, is the classic, highly attractive neon sign. However, neon signs are not very practical and energy efficient in today’s economy and technology. The better and more superior option today is LED signs!

custom lighted storefront signGet the best Santa Monica LED signs at the top signage company, Los Angeles Sign Company!

There are many amazing sign types made of LED technology that you can choose from, from traditional LED-lit signage to LED tubes and LED displays. You will definitely have a look you want to pull off and the budget you need to maintain. Just tell us all the factors you’re considering so we can help you choose the best options!

With Los Angeles Sign Company, regardless of the type of LED signage that you choose, you will get it at the best quality that our current technology and the signage industry offer. We are a leading provider of signage products with years of experience in the field. You can trust that our team of signage experts will be fully dedicated to bringing you not just generic LED signs, but products that can contribute to your specific goals.

Discuss your signage needs with our team today and start planning how you can effectively outshine your competitors.

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Indoor LED Signs

Due to their high visibility, LED lights are typically used outdoors to attract customers and passersby to a business. But they are also highly effective even if they are used indoors. They are mostly used for improving customer experience, traffic flow, employee productivity, and sales marketing.

backlit lobby signFor example, if you are familiar with LED tubes, you will notice that many use them to spell out “OPEN” signs installed in front of a building facade. Because LED tubes can be bent and shaped into almost any image, people are becoming increasingly creative, using them for store pickup/order stations, bathrooms, or just plain decoration that firmly sets up a specific atmosphere inside the building.

Unlike traditional neon light technology, LED tubes do not emit dangerous heat. They are much safer even if accidents happen around them.

LED displays and other sign types installed with LED electronic lighting can also be used indoors. We can customize your Santa Monica LED signs to your liking to perfectly suit your interior design and business goals. Rest assured that it is still wise to use as many LED signs as possible because they are considerably inexpensive.

Programmable LED Message Centers

A game-changing product that LED technology can offer is a programmable LED message center. Though they might have a higher initial cost than most signs, their long-term benefits are undeniably worth it.

Santa Monica LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225Linking it to a computer, an LED message center can display one kind of content today and another tomorrow. The texts, images, and even videos they can display can be easily changed via special software, removing any need to purchase new signs whenever changes in your business happen.

If you need to promote a new product, if a new season is coming, or if you have to announce something important about your business, a message center will enable you to do this smoothly and easily, saving up a lot of time and funds!

You can get LED message centers as standalone signs. On the other hand, you can also ask us to install them onto other sign types, such as monument signs and pylon signs, whichever you prefer. They also have full-colored and monochrome options for more variety.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

Los Angeles Sign Company is a full-service Santa Monica, CA sign company that can design, manufacture, and install any kind of signage for you. Just tell us the LED signs that you want to get for your company, and we’ll deliver them to you at peak quality.

lighted sign repair and installFrom the artistic look of LED tubes to the powerful programming of message centers, whatever you acquire from us will be quality-controlled from the first phases of design up until the installation process.

We will only use the best materials and tools to create our products that are strategically designed according to our client’s preferences and needs. This ensures the fullest satisfaction of our clients regarding the entire signage project they have with us.

It doesn’t matter if your budget is limited or if your schedule is tight. Los Angeles Sign Company is ready to take on the challenge of providing you with the best Santa Monica LED signs that your business needs to improve in sales, aesthetics, customer traffic, or business operations while following your budget and timetable.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Santa Monica LED Signs boston logo 300x42LED signs are powerful visual tools that neither stormy weather nor nighttime can overcome. You can be guaranteed that having these sign types outside of your business will attract customers to your products and services.

Use them indoors as focus points for sales or outdoors to establish your visibility in your community. Get the best and most durable Santa Monica LED signs at Los Angeles Sign Company. You can trust our years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to know that we can fully accomplish your signage goals!

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