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Reseda Channel Letters

Getting alluring, high-quality signage is never a bad option for any business. Signs are made to boost the visibility and marketing capabilities of any establishment. And when it comes to signs, nothing beats the classic, universal, and flexible traits of good old channel letters.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

This sign type is made of three-dimensional individual units of text and images that can be designed in various ways. With Los Angeles Sign Company, you can have them in any shape, color scheme, texture, thickness, or form that you want to fit your branding and creative preferences. We make Reseda channel letters built to last long at a superior industry-level quality.

So channel letters will be great if you’re looking for a business sign that can be trusted to work for virtually any kind of establishment or product. They are safe in terms of design. They are simple, yet they showcase a timeless look that can make any business look sophisticated and high quality. Give us a call if your business is a long-time player in your industry or you’re still expanding a startup. We can do everything from designing and manufacturing to installation and repairs.

From internally illuminated channel letters to backlit dimensional letters, whatever type of sign you want can be obtained at Los Angeles Sign Company, a leading signage company that you can trust with all your signage goals!

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Storefront Channel Letters

Because of their universal look effective in almost every design situation, many businesses would immediately choose channel letters to represent their business.

Custom Channel Letter SignAs a storefront sign, channel letters are typically used to spell out main information like company names, logos, and slogans, projecting a clean, professional look, depending on the design variations. Electronic lighting is also a common option, making channel letters highly visible at night.

At Los Angeles Sign Company, we have all the equipment and expertise needed to create customized Reseda channel letters for our clients’ needs. We don’t just create generic signs. Tell us your desired color palettes, material, shape, size, and other specifications, and we can easily create the perfect signs for you.

We also offer various options for how you will attach your channel letters on the facade of your building. One option is using a raceway that will hold the letters and be the structure that will be secured to the wall. This makes the installation much easier and faster. Another option is to adhere each letter to the surface directly. This makes a more visually appealing look, although it will take considerable time.

Any business type, from retail stores and restaurants to universities and manufacturing plants, can use channel letters. Because of their universal look, it is very hard to use channel letters and end up with a visually unappealing storefront sign.

Dimensional Letters

If channel letters are individual units with hollow insides, dimensional letters are similar in look but solid throughout their bodies.

Storefront SignChannel letters are typically illuminated by installing electronic lighting inside them. On the other hand, dimensional letters, because they are fully opaque, are illuminated through backlighting, front lighting, and other means where the lighting is installed externally.

But much like channel letters, dimensional letters offer an extremely flexible opportunity for various designs. Get them in whatever size, shape, color, thickness, or texture you want. For materials, you have options of brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, acrylic, metal, plastic, stainless steel, foam, and Cor-Ten steel. If you’re unsure which to pick, we can help you choose the best material based on your creative preferences and budget.

Similar to channel letters, dimensional letters are also beneficial to virtually any kind of establishment, whether used indoors or outdoors. Whether you run a shopping mall, corporate office, hotel, retail store, or any kind of business, dimensional letter signs are an option that won’t disappoint you.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Channel letters and dimensional letters already have an amazing look that they have on their own. But if you want to kick things up a notch and make your business stand out in terms of look and visibility, you may consider getting them illuminated.

Lighted SignHere are the common options for lighting up letter signs: halo lighting, internal lighting, open lighting, backlighting, and front lighting. Let your imagination run wild as you see our catalog of lighting types for the Reseda channel and dimension letters we offer.

Depending on your budget, creative preferences, branding, and other important factors, we will create the best-lit letter signs perfect for your business. What’s better is that with LED technology, your letter signs can be lit up 24/7 without incurring high energy costs!

If you run a business that operates till nighttime, like restaurants, gas stations, theaters, bars, clubs, convenience stores, hotels, and diners, illuminating your channel letters and dimensional letters is a must! Let our Reseda, CA sign company provide you with the best-lighted signs so your investment will be worth it.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Ardon Visual Communications logoIf you’re planning to make some great visual changes to your business, you won’t go wrong with Los Angeles Sign Company’s Reseda channel letters and dimensional letters. Give us a call and tell us all about your signage ideas. Our experts will be ready to help you and show you how we can make your vision a reality.

With our team of signage experts, engineers, and project managers, you can rest assured that we can deliver every service needed to bring you high-quality, game-changing signage!

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